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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Time for a more recent picture from my end

Waiting for dinner at Singha Thai Honolulu last Dec.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Kitchu the great monopole owner

University of Hyderabad
Home of Dr T P Radhakrishnan

Radha joined Princeton a few years after us. He was in the group of Prof Zoltan Soos.
I am here visiting them for a day and having a great time talking to Kitchu, his son.
Kitchu believes he can create a magnetic monopole :-)
He wanted to know about blogs and I showed him this site.
The pictures below show Kitchu the great, Radha and Latha and yours truly.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

You want pictures? You got pictures!

Let's start with Cornell University, May 1980
Cornell University, May 1980

A couple of more images of Akbar

Then on to Montauk Point, March 1981
Montauk Point, March 1981

A visit to the Pittsburgh temple in June 1982
Pittsburgh, June 1982

Pittsburgh temple

Self Pailwan

Yea, yea, that was me, but now to the Princeton reunion, Nov.1983
Princeton reunion, Nov.1983

Princeton sabbatical, Jan.1983

Friday, January 06, 2006

Name Nostalgic

Prajna! Is this the same name we had for the wall magazine that we started in 1978?
Suku and Gayathri, how about continuing your interesting discussion on teaching, learning and the socio-economic realities on the blog? Paste the past few mails back here and it will be a fantastic document.
I am in Hyderabad now. A pre-joining middle of the course intervention - had a good time teaching a fivesome class of potential bioinformatics majors 'mechanics of the microscopic world' a one and a half hour chalk and board spiel on empty spaces make us to the ultimate reductionist particle in a box explanation for phenolphthaline changing its colour with pH.
I join here formally on 1 Feb - going back to Chd via IISc on 11 Jan.
I love photographs. Guys, post your digpics on the blog.........l.