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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Globalisation and the 'White' population explosion

Here is an essay penned by my cousin's friend, Mr. Chandra Bhat, a Senior Customs Officer based in Sydney:

"I read an article in The Indian Express some 30 or so years ago by a certain Gwynne Dwyer who had statistical evidence that Europe and Europeans are actually the cause of the population density disparity. (Ever since I read the article in the late seventies the germ of an idea for an essay along these lines had been gestating in my mind; the trigger for it came with your e-mail. These reflections are far too important to be hidden away):

"He wrote that but for such fortuitous developments in their history which began with the invention of the square sailed rigger which helped them colonize the New world, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and other developments such as the Industrial revolution which accelerated their technological leap, their capture of the world’s fossil fuel markets that allowed them to pollute the earth willy nilly and the French revolution which saw the overthrow of monarchies (read dictatorships) and ushered in democracies, Europe would have a population density exceeding that of India and China.

"He wrote that if you add up and total the white population in North and South America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and replant them in Europe and by Europe I mean excluding Russia, Ukraine and Scandinavia, which would make Europe about the same size as Greater India (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh combined) or the same size as China (excluding Tibet, the Gobi, Sinkiang and Uighur areas, which isn’t part of China anyway) Europe’s population would approach 1.25 billion. Even as it stands today Europe’s population excluding Russia, Ukraine and Scandinavia is still a bit more than half a billion, subtracting 288 million which comprises the total population of Russia, Ukraine and Scandinavia.

"The total population of all of North America is 337 million of which 12.9 percent are of races other than European.

"The total population of Latin America is 576 million of which about 25 percent are of races other than European.

White population of North America = 293 million
White population of Latin America = 432 million
White population of Australia = 23 million
White population of New Zealand = 3 million
Total Ex-Europe = 751 million
Total Europe= 500 million

"So Mr. Dwyer writes that the Whites enjoyed their white explosion from around 1500 AD to around 1980 AD a period of around 380 years helped in no small measure by restrictions on migration placed upon Non-European races a strategy the whole world is well aware of.

"Now the 'Yellow', Brown and Black races are exploding but similar to the Use and Abuse Strategy the European populations adopted with Fossil fuels the hypocrites are crying foul and claiming that only the “Whites” can have their cake and eat it too, and are getting increasingly nervous with the juggernaut called Globalization let loose upon the world since the concept of the Free Trade in Goods and Services protocols adopted by the World Trade Organization and its predecessor “GATT” The General agreement on Tariffs and Trade.

"A uniform and fair free trade agreement however is not just the free movement of goods and services but should include the free movement of people as well, but here the western countries are allowing the free movement of people only amongst themselves and are still placing restrictions using Immigration very cleverly to pay only lip service to a free and fair globalization in the true sense of the term.

"It also uses tools such as Quarantine,Tariff and Subsidy barriers to limit the free and fair movement of goods, but Services is where the West is left scratching their heads, because Capitalism being unbridled by its very nature has no concept of borders where there is a profit to be made, hence the miracles of India, the Philippines and a large part of Asia.

"The world turns on a coin, and level playing fields are a myth, so it will not be a great mystery to me if the West continues to try and retain their current and historical status quo, by artificially raising the price of Oil and Food, Oil over which the West always had control over, using their lackeys in Iraq, the Emirates, Kuwait and and SaudiArabia and the Food surplus advantage they have always had primarily becausethe population density equation has always been in their favour.

"These two issues are cleverly interlinked. Use a large percentage of Crop yields and keep them aside to use as an energy alternative thus raising the price of food, throw in a few natural disasters such as the cyclone in Burma, floods in China and Midwestern U.S, couple that with a prolonged drought in Australia, add a pinch of a man-made calamity such as the Sub-Prime Mortgage crisis and use it continue your hold over the seething black, yellow and brown masses.

"Countries like Venezuela, Russia and Iran however are the jokers in the pack for obvious reasons. The West cannot control them hence the demonization of these countries in the media.

"China and India too have become too powerful and Western capital has invested far too much money in them to see them fail.

"The world is teetering on the edge of a major upheaval. A similar upheaval took place in the early 1500’s which oversaw the invention of the square sail and the early 1900’s that was the vanguard of the mass production of the petrol engine.

"The success of the utopian idea of having a truly free and fair movement of goods, services and people, in other words true globalization will depend again on the turn of a coin, the success of countries such as Venezuela, Russia, Iran, India and China, the warmongering policies of Bush and Cheney discredited and the victory of policies of men such as Barrack Obama and Al Gore.

Terrible Simplificateur

"The dramatic shift in social and cultural consciousness that occurred in the last few decades left a deep imprint on the gestalt of our societies and calls for active reflection. The time has come to seek a unique and creative mode of transmitting these reflections around the world in order to make an impact felt far beyond one’s backyard."

Chandra Bhat

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Light Bulbs to Leadership