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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Does McCain Still Agree with Reagan that Government is the Problem?

Let me explain this in simple terms: government is not the solution to YOUR problems, Joe Schmuck; government is very much the solution to the problems of Haliburton, Exxon, Citibank,... And what do you mean by saying that "Big government didn't get us into Iraq"? The President and his lap-dog Congress (a.k.a.government) got us into Iraq. So please stop perpetuating the myth that republicans are against Big Government. Republicans are very much FOR big government, big government giveaways to defense contractors, for instance. They just don't believe in government FOR the people (you know, those pesky unromantic details in the lives of the masses such as schools, health care, roads, flood control).
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Not a Bailout - A Rescue

Cheap credit will dry up and Americans will have to learn to save again? So sad! Let me shed a few crocodile tears. My grandfather saved all his life to buy his dream home. My father worked for years before buying his first car. Today we give new cars to teenagers for birthdays so they can contribute a few more tons of greenhouse gases. Ms. Chatzky must think we're idiots! My neighborhood will NOT turn into a desert without this bailout. The house down the block will not sit empty forever. Those empty houses cost somebody money. When nobody can afford the credit, home prices will fall to more realistic levels. And when the price is right, somebody will buy it, with cash or good credit. Simple supply and demand. Sure my 401K is losing value. But dumping $700,000,000,000 of play money on Wall street will devalue my dollar too. We're finally seeing the end of the era of "Trust us, this is good for you" politics. After trying to railroad this blackmail down the throats of a hitherto-supine Congress and the public, we're now seeing some weak attempts at justification, but still no details of what terms are being negotiated or what safeguards have been built in; still going with "This has to pass yesterday; its too important to lose. Trust us, we'll build in safeguards later." Sorry! If you want our money, you'll have to get it the old-fashioned way... you'll have to EARN it!
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